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The Art and Technique of Electroacoustic Music


The Art and Technique of Electroacoustic Music is a textbook based on my thirty-three years teaching Electroacoustic Composition at the University of California Santa Cruz.

It covers everything from Music Concrète through DAWs and sequencers to cutting edge tools such as ChucK and Kyma. It is organized for a two semester (or three quarter) course of study, but can also be used as a self study guide.

Available from, published by AR Editions.

Part 1 Building the Studio

Part 4 Synthesis

1 Find a Quiet Spot . . .

10 Fundamentals of Synthesis

Part 2 Fundamental Concepts and Techniques

11 Voicing Synthesizers

2 Sound

12 FM Synthesis

3 Recording Sounds

13 New Approaches to Synthesis

4 Sound after Sound

Part 5 Research-style Synthesis

5 Processing Sounds

14 Composing on a QWERTY Keyboard

6 Layering Sounds

15 Coding for Real-time Performance

Part 3 Music Store Electroacoustic Music

16 Programming with Boxes and Lines


17 Synthesis in Hardware

8 Sequencing Programs

Part 6 Live Electroacoustic Music

9 Samplers

18 The Electroacoustic Performer

19 Composing for Electronic Performance



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